We support every stage of your  Refrigerated Pantry installation.


Our engagement typically begins with the homeowner. Discussion includes such things as lifestyle, anticipated utilization, refrigeration requirements, design elements and desired features.
  1. Homeowners choose the amount of cooler and freezer space required in their Refrigerated Pantry as well as other design elements. Collaboration with the client’s design team is also critical. Once a purchase agreement is in place, a 3D model is produced for production.
  2. Coordination then shifts to planning and construction management.
  3. RootCellar Concepts works closely with the homeowner's general contractor to build the envelope and prepare the space for the RootCellar. We provide all specialized parts and assemblies with detailed shop drawings and continuous consultation throughout the entire build process.
  4. Upon completion of the envelope, RootCellar Concepts will complete installation and testing of all systems. Both our product and our relationship with our client are intended to last a lifetime. We provide 24/7 monitoring of our systems to ensure the highest possible reliability.  


Contractors are integral to the delivery process of every RootCellar®. We rely on them to build our walls, electrify our systems and other work necessary in the preparation of the space.  
  1. Contractors control the build schedule and dictate the timing of our shipments and on-site work.
  2. RootCellar Concepts is committed to providing all resources necessary to help contractors with their work in delivering our product. This comes in the form of consultation, shop drawings and on-demand help-desk support for contractors and their subs.  
  3. We are always appreciative of contractors with RootCellar® product knowledge. Their expertise and familiarity are beneficial to both us and the client as they demonstrate their grasp of home innovation and their ability to deliver with efficiency and experience.  

Architects & Kitchen Designers

Much like our relationship with contractors, RootCellar Concepts is committed to providing all necessary specifications and design guides to help the design team in their mission to create the perfect home for the client. We welcome and encourage consultation at the earliest planning stages.
  1. Early planning with our client’s architect is essential to ensure an efficiently placed and adequately sized RootCellar®.  Architects are at the top of every client’s design team.  We work within the confines of the space they provide and the guidelines they require.  
  2. Kitchen Designers also drive the vision for the textures, colors and finishes that are responsible for the most beautiful kitchens.  Our look and feel is often dictated by the tile they choose and their selection of cabinet style which will carry over to automatic door.
“As a builder, I found the people at RootCellar Concepts very professional and the finished product amazing. They recently completed a cooler with freezer was completed on-time and on-budget and was loaded with features that are unavailable anywhere else.  I was able to use many of my own trades which made scheduling and work-flow extremely efficient.”  
– Dave A., builder
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