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How much space do I need for my Refrigerated Pantry?

This is our most frequently asked question and the most difficult to answer. All units are designed to fit the shape and size of the space allotted in your home. There are no set sizes but there are minimum requirements necessary for certain design elements such as the automatic door or freezer bay. For generic reference, we can work within a footprint of 7’ x 8’ however 8’ x 10’ is a more comfortable and common minimum for a cooler/freezer combination. There is no limit on the maximum size.  Please contact us as early as possible in your planning process.

How long does it take to install?

In most cases, we collaborate with the client’s general contractor who has already been selected to build or renovate the home or kitchen. In doing so, the contractor handles the buildout of the envelope and does so on their construction schedule. Once the room is built to specifications, we complete the installation and testing of your RootCellar. This process will take up to ten days.

Can this take the place of my conventional refrigerator/freezer?

Yes! In fact it can eliminate the need for an additional refrigerator or freezer as well. You'll have everything all in one place.

Will I need an icemaker?

Our freezers are not equipped with automatic icemakers. We recommend the use of an ice-making appliance.  These are available in countertop or under-counter models.

How much space does a RootCellar provide compared to my old refrigerator?

The largest single column appliances feature almost 30 cubic feet of volume.  Our smallest units offer nearly ten times that amount.  And while this may sound excessive, more space translates to better organization and improved access.  Never again will you need move some things to reach others or to view items hidden by others.  Pots and baking sheets can now easily go from stove to fridge as well as other large items (platters, boxes, cases, kegs, turkeys, watermelons).

Will you work with my designer or architect?

Absolutely. Because each Refrigerated Pantry is designed to integrate with your home and lifestyle, the customization process is essential, and we truly enjoy the creativity and expertise offered by our client’s design professionals.

Can I customize my RootCellar?

Yes, in fact you must!  There’s no such thing as a “standard” RootCellar.  Before each Refrigerated Pantry is built, we work with you to determine size, layout, features, finishes, shelving, lighting and accessories.  We also work with your design team to ensure that the pantry door is veneered perfectly to match your other doors or cabinetry.

Do all of your Refrigerated Pantries include a freezer section?

Most clients opt for a cooler/freezer combination unit. But we also build dedicated coolers and/or freezers as well.

Is a Refrigerated Pantry energy efficient?

Yes. Our units are significantly more insulated than traditional appliances and utilize state-of-the-art refrigeration technology. Most homes utilize several appliances to meet their storage needs.  We provide substantially more space while using less energy.

How much will a Refrigerated Pantry cost?

Because our product is custom-built for your home, pricing will vary.  Whichever options you choose, we think you’ll be sold on the value, convenience and incredible storage space. We design our units to be part of your lifetime home, not to be replaced every ten years.  

How do I order?

Our sales are very consultive. We need to know about you and your home and we know you probably have questions for us too. The easiest way to start the process is to use the “Contact Us” link and let us know how best to reach you or send a message to sales@RootCellarConcepts.com.

Is there a warranty?

All Refrigerated Pantries are backed by a five-year warranty with extended options available.

Who needs that much space?

Anyone who’s ever stood frustrated in front of their open refrigerator trying to make room for a large item or container will understand the convenience of walking into a Refrigerated Pantry and placing those items on a large and roomy shelf without any rearranging.

Space translates to organization. Almost everyone has occasion to store large items such as boxes of fruit, sheet cakes, turkeys, cases of soda, sports drinks, water or beer. And if you belong to a farm share or meal delivery service, this will help you keep your food better organized and fresher longer. Having adequate storage space makes these food options more appealing.

Is this less expensive than using multiple refrigerators?

Before RootCellar, multiple appliances were the only option. Even with larger expensive column options for their kitchens or pantries, many homeowners had satellite units elsewhere in their garage or basement.  The cost of multiple units can exceed the cost of a RootCellar while the collective storage is considerably less. We also believe that consolidating your storage improves utilization, reduces waste and proves substantially more convenient.

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