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RootCellar® is a highly efficient, well-appointed walk-in cooler/freezer designed to fit and look great in residential kitchens.

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RootCellar® in the media

RootCellar® Concepts has been featured Boston Design Guide, BDG Prelude, Northshore Magazine, This Old House and more.

Boston Design Guide Prelude
“We’re newly married and just built a new home and we’re so pleased that our kitchen designer’s plan included a RootCellar. Within a small footprint, we now have ten times the space of a conventional refrigerator/freezer appliance and everything is within view and reach. The convenience and functionality is incredible and it’s finished to match the rest of the kitchen.  This is by far our favorite amenity in our new home.”
– Gabrielle K., home owner

Your Door to a Refrigerated Pantry

Custom-design for each and every home
Touch-less automatic door - walk in or out with your hands full
Pan-tilt web cam to view contents remotely, especially while shopping

We work with the whole team to build your Premier Refrigerated Pantry

Homeowner engagement

Our process typically begins with the homeowner. Discussion includes lifestyle, anticipated use, refrigeration requirements, design elements and desired features which help select the amount of cooler and freezer space needed.

Design team support

Early planning with your architect is essential to ensure an efficiently placed and adequately sized RootCellar®. Kitchen Designers also drive the vision for the textures, colors and finishes that are responsible for the most beautiful kitchens.

Contractor collaboration

Contractors are integral to the delivery process of every RootCellar®. We rely on them to build our walls, electrify our systems and other work necessary in the preparation of the space as well as dictate the schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of most asked questions.
How much space do I need for my Refrigerated Pantry?

This is our most frequently asked question and the most difficult to answer. All units are designed to fit the shape and size of the space allotted in your home. There are no set sizes but there are minimum requirements necessary for certain design elements such as the automatic door or freezer bay. For generic reference, we can work within a footprint of 7’ x 8’ however 8’ x 10’ is a more comfortable and common minimum for a cooler/freezer combination. There is no limit on the maximum size.  Please contact us as early as possible in your planning process.

Can this take the place of my conventional refrigerator/freezer?

Yes! In fact it can eliminate the need for an additional refrigerator or freezer as well. You'll have everything all in one place.

Is this less expensive than using multiple refrigerators?

Before RootCellar, multiple appliances were the only option. Even with larger expensive column options for their kitchens or pantries, many homeowners had satellite units elsewhere in their garage or basement.  The cost of multiple units can exceed the cost of a RootCellar while the collective storage is considerably less. We also believe that consolidating your storage improves utilization, reduces waste and proves substantially more convenient.

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