Your door to a beautifully appointed refrigerated pantry.

Our Refrigerated Pantry will revolutionize the way you refrigerate

We work with homeowners, designers and contractors to customize and install each RootCellar®. Every unit is made specially to serve individual lifestyle needs and décor preferences.

We work with the whole team to build your Refrigerated Pantry

Custom-design for each and every home
Touch-less automatic door - walk in or out with your hands full
State-of-the-art electronics and controls to ensure energy efficiency
Advanced systems with remote monitoring and alarming
Pan-tilt web cam to view contents remotely, especially while shopping
Spacious storage that can accommodate larger items or cases of items
Unobscured shelving. No searching or foraging for items means less waste and superior organization
Spacious freezer, easy to access, nothing gets lost at the back or bottom
Ability to run lines to a beer tap
“I’ve enjoyed my RC for more than five years now.  I don’t know how I’d live without it.  It allows me the luxury to shop for groceries much less frequently and I always have what I need on-hand to host family and friends.  During this pandemic, it has really proven to be invaluable.”
– Mary D., home owner
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